Website design

When creating a website we usually use the logo as a guideline. This is designed with great care and is the recognizable style of a company or association. From here we have a look at what the customer has in mind and design a template for the website. Building an average website for small businesses costs € 500 excluding VAT.

This includes the following activities:
– Register domain name
– Set up web hosting
– Create e-mail address (es)
– Install WordPress (CMS system)
– Optional order ssl certificate (https)
– Design (responsive) template
– Install template
– Explain the back-end of the website

– Manage your own content, change texts / photos and add pages or blogs
– Unlimited number of pages
– Multiple e-mail addresses possible

If we think that your demands are not covered by the € 500 offer, we will let you know in advance.

Web hosting

Web hosting costs € 50 (without ssl) or € 100 (with ssl) per year excluding VAT. Individual domain names (forwards) are available from € 10 per year.

Maintenance, updates & minor adjustments

Each year we charge € 100 excluding VAT for keeping the technical stuff of the website up to date. During these updates it is possible to make a small adjustment.

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